The Upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Include The Gameplay

After the E3 2015 announcement, the first gameplay trailer of Final Fantasy VII Remake was finally unveiled and boy, it looks gorgeous.

The trailer was unveiled during the Sony PlayStation Experience Keynote where tons of upcoming PlayStation 4 titles, such as Uncharted 4 were showcased.

One of the bigger ones, however, is the Final Fantasy VII Remake, a remaster of the original 1997 RPG (role-playing game) by Square Enix for the PlayStation.

"What we're aiming for with Final Fantasy VII Remake is to have the same quality of [Advent Children] characters in real-time while playing the game," says Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase.

Yes, the visuals are exquisite and they rejuvenate the beloved title. However, although it's classified as a remaster, Final Fantasy VII Remake is a total revamp of the title. Players can appreciate the 3D visuals from a third-person perspective, like what most RPGs of the current era. Moreover, the attack and skill effects shout of JRPGs, in a good way. It wasn't overdone. It's just right.

A battle menu is displayed on screen while the player engages the enemy, It hasn't been cleared whether this is the only way to have characters do certain thing - attacking, for instance. Nevertheless, the new system is way more engaging than the previous turn-based gameplay.

The only real sad part is that they dressed up some characters in new outfits, which gives them more life, which makes it harder to accept what happens to them. Oops, spoilers.
There's yet to be news of the release date for Final Fantasy VII Remake. However, the PC port of Final Fantasy VII got announced for the PS4.

"Final Fantasy big-wig Tetsuya Nomura took the stage after the presentation, but not with news of a release date or when fans can expect any playable access to the remaster," reports Ars Technica. "Instead, he announced that the PC version of Final Fantasy VII had already launched on PlayStation 4 via its online store."

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