Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 UPCOMING!!

Developer: Konami | Publisher: Konami | Engine: New Engine ( Fox Engine ) | Genre: Soccer | Release Date: Q4 2012 | Platforms: PC, PS3 | ESRB: RP |


PES 2013 new ENGINE Rumor !

Well-known in Europe Adam Bhatti, the portal administrator WENB, today commented on his blog that it will soon appear on the network must first interesting rumors about PES 2013. According to him, the new version of PES 2013 we will have to wait for an entirely new game:

* PES 2013 will have a new engine that has not been used in the football simulator.

Adam said:
We work on new engine in Pes 2013
Old engine is limited etc
Everyone will be proud from Pes 2013
To many good and strong words. I have no doubt. Pes 2013 will have new ENGINE!
I quess the same like in Metal Gear Rising <= WTF 

Detailed news about the next series of pes come soon enough, or at least earlier than it did last year with PES 2012. Then the first news was announced in May, news about PES 2013 we find already in the month of January after the holidays.

We remind you that at this point is just rumor, so stay tuned…

And… some questions rise now :

=> a new name for Pro Evolution Soccer Game ? No more PES ? …

* Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)
* Winning Eleven (WE)
* other ? is this a good choice ?

=> PES 2013 new game mods ?

- new engine = end of editing ? (community patches)

KONAMI - Currently there is no any official announcement on PES 2013 video-game from Konami. We will keep this page up-to-dated with latest on Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 once we get any news about the next version of PES 2013 in here

New Survey: Help Konami for PES 2013

PES fans, you have been summoned. Konami need your support so even more improvements can be made in-time for the release of PES 2013.

Like Jon Murphy said on Twitter yesterday, please ensure you fill out this survey, where your comments, thoughts and suggestions will be sent directly to the PES team at Konami.

As you'll see, when you progress through the survey, you'll notice that some of the multi-choice answers are unusually direct - possibly suggesting a few hints about Konami's plans for the next instalment. With big plans for PES 2013, all feedback will be greatly appreciated. Spread the World


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2012 v 2013 Face Comparrasion

Wait More Information for This..
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