Download Pc Games Onimusha 3 Demon Siege (FULL VERSION)


Onimusha 3: Demon Siege, released in Japan and Europe as Onimusha 3, is an action-adventure game developed and published by Capcom. It is the third game of the Onimusha series and was released for the PlayStation 2 on April 27, 2004. It was later ported to Windows on December 8, 2005. The story focuses on the returning hero, swordsman Hidemitsu Samanosuke Akechi, who is in his quest to defeat his nemesis, Nobunaga Oda, who wishes to conquer Japan with his army of demons known as Genma. However, Samanosuke changes places with a French officer from the future named Jacques Blanc, and both have to adapt to their new worlds to get rid of Nobunaga and the Genma. 


Minimum System Requirements 

CPU: Intel Pentium IV 2.0 Ghz
RAM: 1 GB 
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 
Video Card: 256 MB
Free Disk Space: 3 GB Free Hard Drive Space 

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