Free Download Pc Games Tron 2.0 (Link Mediafire)

Minimum System Requirements

Microsoft® Windows 98/Me/2000*/XP*
Intel Pentium™ III or AMD Athlon 500Mhz
256 MB RAM
32 MB Direct3D-compatible video card with Hardware T&L, 32-bit color, DirectX 9 compatible driver
 2.4 GB free Hard Drive Space for installation
Additional hard drive space for a Windows swap file and saved game files.
16-bit DirectX 9-compatible sound card
56k modem, DSL, Cable Modem or LAN for Multi-play
DirectX 9.0 Included

via MediaFire (710mb)
Download Tron 2.0 

1. extract file
2. Tron mount 2.0.iso
3. install game
4. then do the update tron-update_v1x042ceng
5. Copas crack
6. Play game

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