Free Download Pc Games Metal Fatigue (Link Mediafire)

Minimum System Requirements

CPU Type: Pentium
CPU Speed in MHz: 200 MHz
Hard Drive Space: 60MB
Sound Card: Windows 95/98 compatible
CD Drive Speed: 4X
Modem Speed: 28.8 Kbps
Video Card: 3D accelerator card
Video RAM in MB: 8MB
Compatible Devices: mouse, keyboard
Graphic Accelerators Supported: 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics, Voodoo Rush, Voodoo Banshee, Voodoo 2, Voodoo 3, Nvidia Riva 128, TNT, TNT2, ATI All-in-Wonder, XPERT, Rage Pro, Rage 128, Rage Fury, 3DLabs Permedia 2 and 3, Intel i740 and i740 with video capture, Matrox G200 and G400, PowerVR, PowerVR (PCX2) and PowerVR250 (use D3D not SGL), Rendition V2100 and V2200, S3 Savage 3&4

via MediaFire (458mb)
Download Metal Fatigue 

1. unrar archive and double click Setup.bat
2. Start game with Mfatigue.exe

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